Where I am now

I’ve stumbled into Germany at MPE working with one of my true science idols Jochen Greiner on an array of topics from GRB prompt emission to dust. We have a small group of students who work a bit too hard and are always surprising me with how clever they are.

If you have questions about GRBs and/or Fermi-GBM, please contact me or one of the students.

Where I have been


I spent my first postdoctoral fellow ship at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. My focus was on all things prompt GRB related. It was here that I spent one summer diving into the depths of proper probabilistic modeling and Bayesian inference.


My strange adopted home town and where I learned to do astrophysics from undergrad to grad school.


I play bass. Nothing special.

There was a time when I was in the same article as a band that won a Grammy. It was not my band. The last band I did anything serious with was Oto Benga. A great bunch of dudes trying to say something in a nowhere town.

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